Friday, May 18, 2018

Toothpaste Spackle - Does It Really Work?

We've all run across those posts suggesting that toothpaste can be used to fill small holes in the walls. Today I'm showing you the results of my test for this theory! 
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See, what had happened was...I got these great curtains for my master bathroom and in my excitement to hang them (and block the sliver of sunlight coming in between the two shutters that was waking me up every morning at 6 am) I didn't pay attention to how long they were and how high I needed to hang the curtain rod. Oops!

curtains hung too low

Here's the holes in the wall that I left behind (I had an oops putting them up the first time around too...this is really stuff I should leave for Mr. Nifty Nest to handle!)

holes left in the drywall

I picked up a tube of plain white toothpaste from my local grocery store. The store brand cost $2! I popped it open, lined it up with the hole in the wall, and squeezed. Easy enough so far!

squeezing toothpaste in the hole in the drywall

I left it to set for a couple hours while I did other things. It did end up needing a second round with the toothpaste after it dried to make sure it was flush with the wall. I sanded it with some fine grit sandpaper to make sure everything was flat and even

toothpaste filled hole in the drywall

dried toothpaste in the wall

Luckily for me, my landlord left some of the paint used on the walls in the garage. If you don't have any extra paint around, hardware stores will color match for you

paint left by the landlord

Mix it up and grab a brush!

re-painting the wall

Here's the final product!

finished wall

finished wall up close

properly hung curtains

This didn't require much effort, and unless someone is really looking at that spot on the wall you're not going to be able to tell I filled the extra holes. I'm calling this hack a success! Let me know in the comments, what's your best rental home hack?

toothpaste spackle, does it really work? pin image

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