Friday, May 25, 2018

3 Easy Ways To Save Money In Your Spare Time

We all know that saving money is important, but in our busy lives we don't always have the time for it...or so you think! Today I'm sharing 3 things that take less than 5 minutes each to save money.
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1. Check to see if your local grocery store has an app

If it does, download and check to see if they have a loyalty card and coupons available in the app! Every week before grocery shopping I check for coupons on my Smith's app and load the ones I need to my loyalty card. They're applied at check out in the store when I put in my loyalty card number! This particular chain also gives fuel points for each dollar you spend, and those add up! 100 points = $0.10 off a gallon of gas at participating gas stations. It's a nice little perk that keeps me coming back

2. Set up an account with Stash or Digit

I use both and they each have their perks. Both are simple in that you can just set it and forget it. I have Stash set up to deduct a certain amount of money each Friday from my bank account and invest it in the different ETFs that I've chosen based on my investor profile. A nice perk is that they also send our regular emails educating you more on investing. Stash also has a retirement planning option that allows you to start an IRA (individual retirement plan) to contribute to. On the investment side, Stash gives you your first month free, and then charges $1/month for maintaining your account. Once you reach a $5000 balance it switches to 0.25% of the account balance as a fee. Want to get started using Stash? Sign up here and get $5 to start!

On the other hand, Digit takes a small amount that it's algorithm calculates you won't miss from your bank account each day and applies it to your savings goals. It automatically sets up a "rainy day fund" for you, but it also has options for traveling, paying off a credit card, retirement, student loans, and others, including a custom goal option. You're in control with Digit, and you can set all sorts of limits. It can be set up so it doesn't take money if your account drops below a certain amount, or set up low balance protection (which puts money from your rainy day fund into your bank account if it drops below your set limit). Digit also gives you a savings bonus every 3 months (which is based on your average daily balance over that period.) Digit does have a cost, $2.99 each month after your free trial billed to the checking account associated with Digit. Personally I prefer this way because it takes a small amount each day without me having to think about it, which makes the monthly fee worth it. I have a goal set to pay off my credit card and I'm looking forward to accomplishing it! Want to give it a shot? Click here to sign up!

3. Get Ibotta

Oh Ibotta. I know this is a blogger staple to talk about but I'm going to get real here. I don't save myself "hundreds of dollars every month" like many people claim. The trick to using Ibotta is to make sure you don't get sucked in and buy things you don't need just so you get the rebate. That being said, Ibotta has a ton of options for stores and items, and they change their deals and availability regularly. For example, around the holiday time last year they were offering 15% cashback on in store purchases at PetSmart...that adds up for buying dog food and treats! And the cool thing is that it's not just physical in store purchases you can earn cash back on. They link to many online stores (including Amazon!) and offer cash back percentages based on what you buy in a certain category (like home goods, electronics, or clothing). There's just one extra step involved, which is opening Ibotta first, and launching the app for the store you're going to shop at through Ibotta. Easy! You can sign up for Ibotta here, and get a bonus when you redeem your first offer!

Tell me in the comments, what's your best money saving tip?

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