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What I Wish I Knew Before Going to Thailand

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Taking our trip to Thailand was my first time out of the US, and here's 6 things I wish I knew before we went.

The drivers are crazy! No joke, it's a little insane to be in the backseat of a taxi or a tuk tuk. And the motorbikes are even worse! Just buckle your seat belt and enjoy the long as you agreed on the price prior to getting in the vehicle. No one seems to believe in cross walks or street lights here either. You'll randomly just see motorcycles going right through intersections and pedestrians crossing wherever they can. Cross carefully!

Mango drink in Chiang Mai

The fruit is fresh and so sweet! Drinks come with fresh fruit on them all the time, and I probably ate more mango in a 12 day vacation than I have in my entire life. Worth it! Don't hesitate to try anything - the food is some of the best I've ever had

Railay beach sunsets

Railay beach sunsets

Visiting the southern part of the country was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It's more humid and there's more mosquitoes but the beaches and views are spectacular. Just be sure that if you take an island tour, you stay close to your tour group. They don't do head counts, and they will leave without you if you're not on the boat (we learned that one from personal experience...whoops)

Proper attire for the Grand Palace Bangkok

When visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok, they say shoulders and knees covered is the appropriate dress. What they really mean is wear sleeves. I was told that my wrap covering my tank top dress wasn't acceptable. Luckily there's stores across the street from the entrance selling clothes you can wear in to take the tour (pictured above is me in my snazzy elephant top that I picked up for 300 baht), but it's something I wish I'd known ahead of time so I could have dressed accordingly

Sticky Waterfalls outside of Chiang Mai

Rainbow Pool at the Sticky Waterfalls

When you visit the sticky waterfalls outside of Chiang Mai, take the time to walk up the trail a little bit to see the Rainbow Pool and read the story behind it. It's beautiful. Also, wear a bikini (I didn't. not the end of the world but a change of clothes would have been nice for the scooter ride back to the city)

My fiance and I were surprised at exactly how many expat's there were in Thailand. English is pretty commonly spoken throughout the country but especially in the more touristy areas. Next time we go though I think I want to learn some more basic Thai

I hope you find these tips useful! Let me know in the comments, what's your best Thailand tip?

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