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FabFitFun Spring Box Review

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Hey all! I'm super excited to share the spring season box from FabFitFun. For anyone who's new to how it works, when you sign up you take a quiz about your preferences, and then the box is a quarterly subscription shipped to your home. The cost for quarterly is $49.99/box or you can do an annual subscription, which gives you a little more power to customize some of the things in your box and early access to add on items. It's also pretty easy to find a $10 off coupon for your first box if you do a little digging (I see them advertised on Facebook all the time.) Currently I just do the quarterly subscription but I'm seriously thinking about upgrading now that I've gotten a couple boxes and enjoyed them. But no matter how you look at it, it's a win win. Who doesn't love a box full of presents?

FabFitFun Spring Box beauty products

I started off with a FabFitFun starter box a few months ago so this is actually my second Spongelle buffer, but it's definitely not a disappointment. The thing I really like about the Spongelle buffers is that after using it in my morning shower I could smell it every time I walked into the bathroom and the scent is really pleasant. They do a great job of exfoliating and cleaning up for the day, especially after a particularly sweaty morning gym sesh. After I use this one up I'll probably be buying a couple for myself and to gift!

I'm also pretty psyched for the eye mask! It has a gel insert in it to stick in the freezer and I think it will be really refreshing, I'm definitely taking this on my next international flight.

The cool thing about FabFitFun is they give you all the info on what the product is, why they chose it, tips for using them, as well as cost and where you can buy it again in the insert that comes with the box. I won't lie though, when I saw the Murad face lotion is a $40 tube of lotion my jaw dropped a little bit! I have combination skin though so after reading the description and testing it out, I might be investing in it myself when I run out. So far my skin looks great!

The Korres Guava body butter was one of the items I could choose ahead of time to customize, and I'm keeping it by my bed to use before going to sleep every night, and the Dove body polish sample is in my shower waiting to be used

FabFitFun Spring Box Dermalect Cosmeceuticals Concealing Ridge Filler

I was also intrigued by the Dermalect Cosmeceuticals Concealing Ridge Filler. I LOVE nail products. I have more nail polish than any one person really needs, so testing new nail products is a favorite thing to do for me. The packaging says this can be worn as a base coat under other polish or as a treatment on it's own. In the picture above I have it on by itself, and I really like the blue shift in the polish! Makes it look a little more interesting than an ordinary base coat 

FabFitFun Spring Box muscle massage roller

The Physique 57 massage roller isn't something I'd ever pick up for myself, but that's one of the best parts of subscription boxes is to try out new things. I still have yet to properly test it out but it looks pretty nifty!

FabFitFun Spring Box ISH lip palette and Rachel Pally clutch

Also included in the box is this ISH lip statement pallet, which I haven't had an opportunity to test out either but the colors look really pretty, and this reversible Rachel Pally clutch. The color scheme on this isn't something I'd normally pick for myself and I'm not quite sure how I'll work this into an outfit just yet, but the other side is white so maybe I'll just reverse it to use.

FabFitFun Spring Box 'Love' bracelet from Maya Brenner

The last item I received is this adorable 'Love' bracelet from Maya Brenner. This was another one of the items you could customize this quarter (and the other option was earrings, which I can't wear with my gauged ears!) but I'm really excited for it, it's very cute!

So that almost wraps up my box! I did have a card in the box letting me know that the candle that was supposed to be in it was delayed and will ship separately. When I get that I'll update the post, but I do appreciate that they didn't delay my box for it, and the card said one of my products was a bonus for waiting for the candle (which I think was the Spongelle buffer- so really no complaints here!)

Tell me in the comments, what's your favorite subscription box?

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